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allston collision works on all makes and model vehicles

Transportation has been evolving since it was invented. Society started with walking utilizing animals to carry heavy loads, to horse drawn carriages and eventually trains and automobiles. When the first ever automobile was invented in 1886, by Karl Benz, it was viewed as a novelty item or a toy for those who could afford them. […]

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Some months ago, we lost part of our 2nd Generation; Carole Chaet. I suggested to Paul we write a piece about his mother as one of the many people who helped us get to the place we are today. Paul asked if I would write it and I agreed. I have experienced the profound loss […]

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2016 Jaguar F-Type Scissor Doors Complete

First UP, a 2016 Jaguar F-Type R The owner of this vehicle was referred to us by his co-worker who had work done with Allston Collision Center due to an accident. Captain Jack, as we now know him, came in and inquired if we were equipped to handle specific body modifications. We are, and he […]

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Updated Policy: December 16, 2021 As we continue to navigate COVID-19 Allston Collision Center continues to stay current. First, Allston Collision Center will ensure our customers are taken care of. We have and will pivot, depending on how all insurance companies are staffing. Whether they are in the field, working from home or office. Allston […]

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allston collision auto body shop car interior photo

  First, know YOU have the right to choose any shop in Massachusetts whether you own or lease – it’s the law. Insurance companies often have call centers, and they have a standard script on how to assist customers.  Some centers are not located in Massachusetts and do not apply the law.  You can always […]

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The realities of this pandemic are something most of us have never experienced. These are confusing and frightening times where uncertainty is the norm. There are opposing sides regarding almost everything and one in particular…masks. Do we wear a mask, do we not, and, if not, are we throwing caution to the wind for ourselves, […]

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automotive painting refinishing

Painting an entire car has become a popular subject as of late. Is it an effort to restore an older car when things are uncertain or is it just love for a particular vehicle? I think it could be both or either. Whatever your reason, I want you to know Allston Collision Center is a […]

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auto body collision repair

It’s commonly known Allston Collision Center has invested heavily in being Green. ACC is fortunate that all of the upgrades over the years have allowed us to tweak our already strict operation to accommodate this pandemic. COVID-19 has caused us to pause, take a moment, and create a constructive atmosphere not based in fear but […]

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At this time when news on COVID-19 is continuous and unnerving we are committed to staying safe.  With this in mind Allston Collision Center has changed some practices and will add some new practices which are listed here. At the onset of the news on COVID-19 our office team has discontinued shaking hands-please don’t take […]

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automotive rust repair before restoration

We receive a lot of calls asking “Do you fix rust”. The simple answer is… No. The extended answer is yes, we do not fix rust because it can be an arduous process and is one that does not fit in with our business model. Allston Collision Center is a “production” shop. We fix accidents […]

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