First UP, a 2016 Jaguar F-Type R

The owner of this vehicle was referred to us by his co-worker who had work done with Allston Collision Center due to an accident. Captain Jack, as we now know him, came in and inquired if we were equipped to handle specific body modifications. We are, and he left the vehicle on the spot. This was not Allston Collision Center’s first time with body mods, including lambo door installations. Although we are a production shop, our technicians are experienced in all manner of custom work. We make sure to keep up with the latest trends, colors, makes and models.

As you can see through the series of before and after photos, the scissor door modifications to this Jaguar F-Type R are incredible. The original doors had to be carefully removed and custom door hinges installed to make this a perfect fit. This took two technicians and three days to complete.

Second UP, a 2002 Trans Am

This owner wanted to modify this 2002 Trans Am for a special occasion. This Trans Am was to take a prominent position in his and his bride’s wedding day and we had a limited time frame in which to complete the work. He dropped the vehicle Monday, and we gave it back on Friday. There were additional body modifications needed, which meant additional time and four technicians to make these doors perfect.

This series of before and after photos shows the removal and welding of the new custom scissor doors. They are quite impressive. Most important, we completed the doors, leveled up the Trans Am and made it to the wedding on time.

Congratulations to all!