At this time when news on COVID-19 is continuous and unnerving we are committed to staying safe.  With this in mind Allston Collision Center has changed some practices and will add some new practices which are listed here.

  1. At the onset of the news on COVID-19 our office team has discontinued shaking hands-please don’t take offense.
  2. We have always done a twice a week deep clean of our office as well as a daily spot clean.  We will be updating this practice to deep cleaning each day and spot cleanings throughout the day.
  3. We have had a serious conversation with all of our staff to stay home if there is even a remote possibility they don’t feel good.   Our clients never see most of our personnel however we don’t want anyone taking chances.
  4. OSHA does not allow for clients in either the paint or body shop and we will continue to enforce this practice.
  5. We are using common sense practices of cleaning our hands, keeping our hands away from our faces and generally keeping our awareness on high alert.
  6. If you are feeling unwell please call our office and we will reschedule you.
  7. Should you not want to “just drop in” as many of our clients do we can make an appointment for you if it would make you more comfortable.
  8. We also have the ability to use an after hour drop box for keys and do all the necessary paperwork by email.  This option is available anytime.
  9. We can also have clients drop their car and paperwork, leave their keys in the car, and we will take it from there.  This option is only available during working hours.

Please be aware we are taking every precaution available and are hoping you all are doing the same.  We will post any updates or changes as they become available.

Elaine M. O’Neill, President