OK, I know the Game of Thrones reference is, OH I don’t know awesome, fun, nerdy, BUT really winter is coming.  I mean it’s not Winterfell but it is Boston after all.

With the terrible drought conditions that have plagued us these past months we need some rain or snow.  I know you are thinking; really don’t be wishing a wicked winter on us, but we do need some precipitation.

There are ways to prepare your vehicle by making sure you have basic safety items checked:  windshield wipers, having enough gas, good tires and a general well-being check for your vehicle.

Windshield wipers are an obvious safety item but sometimes they just wear out.

Photo by jim-stl

Photo by jim-stl

You know when you try and use them and the streak is right where you need to see out your windshield.  Wipers should be changed two times per year to be effective.  You can choose heavy duty winter blades which work nicely in heavy weather.

Gas is one of those things you can’t do without if you want to drive.  However, you should always keep at least a quarter of a tank and use dry gas occasionally.  The dry gas dries out the water in the tank to avoid freezing in the cold.

Tires are very important… obviously!  In all seriousness, you need a lot of tread all the time, but especially in the winter – it’ll help you stop in a timely manner.

A well-being check is really just that.  Bring your car in for service and make sure all your fluids are checked (i.e. antifreeze, washer fluid and oil), tire pressure, brakes, which includes pads and rotors.

Remember don’t speed in heavy weather – slow will get you where you need to go!

However, should an accident happen, Allston Collision Center will be here to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition.  You can find many photos here on our website allstoncollisioncenter.com.  The photos will show our work and, of course, you can find references at Yelp and Google.

You can always call or stop by for guidance, information regarding our services, an appraisal or any question you may have.  Our staff is here to assist you in the process.