#SQUAD GOALS – A phrase my youngest uses and it made me think … Hey my squad has goals!

All of us at Allston Collision Center strive to reach certain goals.  These goals always include having quality customer service and delivering the best auto body work.  I am proud to say we attain these goals more often than not.  There are, however, some days our goal is to get one difficult car done or get a part no one seems to have.  You’d be surprised at how hard some parts are to find.  I thought I’d lay out the process on five vehicles, and you can see the before and after photos here at allstoncollisioncenter.com

First up the Toyota Highlander 2012 – This was a heck of a hard hit.  As you can see, it tore apart the right front fender, hood, light, radiator support, hinges, windshield washer reservoir, etc.  This is where having a licensed appraiser working for our clients is really helpful.  Much of the damage and many of the parts required for this job, although readily available, are not easily seen and accounted for.  Having an appraiser with a trained eye negotiating with the insurance company’s appraiser can shorten the process.  In our case, Paul, who knows what it takes to fix this vehicle to pre-accident condition.  As a matter of fact, 2016 marks his 40th year in this business.

Once the vehicle is disassembled, the structural issues are the top priority.  Starting at the foundation, Allston Collision Center does the structural repair, pre-fits the sheet metal and handles all the welding.  Next, the vehicle is disassembled for the second time, sent for paint and then reassembled before delivery.  The 4 wheel alignment is checked, fluids checked, mechanical checked, fit and finish checked.  Paul rechecks the vehicle before delivery for color match and any possible discrepancies.  As you can see this vehicle went out in pre-accident condition, our timeline was on target and our customer was happy.  #squad goals

Next in line the Honda CRV 2012 – This was a minor hit, from our perspective, the customer may beg to differJ  This Honda CRV was hit on the lower left rear corner and the client needed to minimize downtime.  In this particular case, Allston Collision Center could oblige a longtime customer by ordering and painting the parts ahead of vehicle drop-off.   (FYI these parts were prepaid)   I’ll admit this is not common, but on this occasion it works out.  Client was in and out on the same day.  #squad goals

Third, the Subaru Outback 2016 – Bigger than it looks!  The damage appears to be isolated to the rear bumper and Subaru has the part in stock, so we are good to go.  Paul, our appraiser, oversees the disassembly the vehicle.  His hunch is right, when the tech takes off the bumper… a collapsed exhaust and damage to the rear body panel.  Our technician puts the car on the lift to make sure all damage is located, but there is more.  Allston Collision Center’s tech finds the center exhaust pipe and tailpipe are also bent.  This means contacting the insurance company and having them back for another inspection and new appraisal amount.  The timeline is in jeopardy but our appraiser negotiates what we need and we start again.  Our techs pre-fit all parts to make sure they are in alignment, we disassemble and paint the bumper and back to final assembly.  This job was expected to take approximately 7-10 days and Allston Collision Center made it happen.  This one works out!  #squadgoals

Fourth, a Volkswagen Tiguan 2012 – An Aftermarket Parts Debacle.   This is a case of not coming to Allston Collision Center first.  Seeing our appraiser first allows us to write and negotiate the appraisal as the first step.  The client was instructed by their insurance company to have the vehicle seen at their home for convenience.  This is fairly common for insurance companies; however, sometimes it just doesn’t work out for the client in the long run.   This vehicle came to us, with the insurance appraisal written for all “aftermarket” parts. [Aftermarket parts are non-factory parts which save money when used].  Allston Collision Center purchased the aftermarket parts and proceeds to disassembly and the pre-fit process.  Our techs find none of the parts are a quality fit and Allston Collision Center has to contact the client’s insurance, have them come out to our Shop to renegotiate for factory parts.  We have to wait to get on their schedule but when the OK comes we begin the job a second time.  The techs disassemble and pre-fit the factory parts and the job continues to completion.  This process slowed our timeline and we missed our mark.  Not something we like to call client and tell them. However, Allston Collision Center’s customer service kept the client in the know and we were able to look to the bright side – the vehicle looked great.  #missedtimeline

Last, the Mazda 3 2015 – Easy Peasy!  Client came to our office, Allston Collision Center gave the client an appraisal, all parties agreed to pricing and the client left a deposit.  Allston Collision Center let the customer keep her car while we ordered and painted the part in advance of her arrival.  She dropped the car early Tuesday a.m. and had it back the same business day. It really is nice when things work out!  #squadgoals

Allston Collision Center knows insurance companies like to see a vehicle at their location, at your home, your office or through an APP but this can slow the process, especially on a big job.  We realize repairing a vehicle, after a collision, is longer than a client would like, but Allston Collision Center makes every effort to give a realistic timeline and keep it.  If you consider any of the repairs in real-time, you will see we do part of the work twice to ensure proper fit and safety.  This is why we can offer a guarantee on any work that we do.

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#SQUAD GOALS - A phrase my youngest uses and it made me think … Hey my squad has goals! All of us at Allston Collision Center strive to reach certain goals.  These goals always include having quality customer service and delivering the best auto body work.  I am proud to say we attain these goals more often [...]

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